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Cyborg Astronauts

We are not apes anymore,

but struggling angels,

cyborg austronauts

flying and fooling around.

Cyborg austronauts aspire to travel to outer space

They loose weight, become light

Their desires embody a certain kind of inner poetics of love-making

and love-making

is nothing else but the intimate fabric

of the rewiring of ourselves,

into our tools, and into each other.

All of each other.

We have been merging.

We have been extending our fleshed skins

into the wearable technologies of subjectivity

that "makes us" through our smartphones,

that self-engineer us, as navigating and inhabiting beings

travelling through kaleidoscopic images

of shifting perspectives of meaning

There is no thinking meaning anymore

when in outer space.

We are lifting the veil


Making the Universe

wake up.

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