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Dream Workshop

A 5 week Arts based introduction to dreamwork.

This workshop around dreams explores dreams as ways for personal and spiritual evolution.  My approach to dream work weaves various practices and is also informed by the ancient practice of Dream Yoga.

Some of the expected activities will include dream journaling, dream sharing, and arts-based methods of working with dreams, involving drawing and word association. No artistic practice is necessary.


We will cover :


1. Introduction to dream work. The neuro-physiology of dreams. How to remember dreams and keep a dream journal. How to develop lucid dreaming techniques. Practical exercises. Dream sharing.


2.Introduction to the work of Carl Jung around dreams.  Practical exercises using active imagination. Dream sharing. Dream drawing

3.Introduction to the Tibetan tradition of dream yoga. Historical context. Some of its meditations. Techniques to develop and sustain lucid dreaming.  Practical exercises. Dream sharing. Dream drawing

4. Animals in Dreams. Ancestors in dreams.

Practical exercises. Dream sharing. Dream drawing

5. Recap. Practical exercises. Dream sharing. Dream drawing. Conclusion.

We will meet and work in the evenings (7 PM to 9 PM).


The workshop will happen online on zoom  with possibility of meeting in person in my studio (west London).

Key dates


5 Mondays:23th October -  20th November 2023

from 7 to 9 PM (London time).


60 £ for the whole course

(concessions available, please email me if needed). 

Click to see gallery of previous sessions of workshop

with drawings of dreams.

Maria pic.jpg

I am Maria Lusitano, an artist, lecturer, and mother. In my work I use art as a tool for personal and spiritual development. I concluded a Master in fine art and then a Ph.D. at the University of Westminster in 2015. I also hold a degree in Medicine concluded in 1997 (Portugal, EU), and was a practicing doctor for 10 years.  Since 2011 I have engaged on a focused spiritual journey, having worked with Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen teachings, Sufism, and western mystical practices, leading to a spiritual awakening in 2016.


My spiritual awakening was just the beginning of a profoundly humbling experience, that led me towards embodied heart-centred meditative practices.

I have facilitated over the past decade various arts-based workshops weaving art and spirituality such as introduction to dream yoga, drawing and soul, and others, both in London and Portugal,  in art museums (MAAT Lisbon) Artist-run spaces (Iklecktik, Nomadic School), Universities (Goldsmiths University) and in my studio.

"The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul."

Carl Jung

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