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What are you hungry for ? HDV, colour, sound, 10´30´´


"What are you hungry for?" is a collaborative video-essay, which was a comission for Bread Matters IV, an exhibition curated by artist Ines Amado, from Artos, Cyprus (2014). The collaborative video was done with contributions from artists living in Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom.  These were asked through social media channels to film their faces answering the following question: "What are you hungry for ?". The participants were supposed to approach the question with honesty, but freely, either as a metaphor or literally. What was their deepest hunger, symbolizing either needs or desires or physical hunger ?


The resulting interviews were assembled together on a split screen, and were mixed with film excerpts taken from fictional and documentary films that have approached the thematics of bread and food. These are "Tierra sin pan" (1933), "Our Daily Bread" (1935), " Brave Portuguese People (Bom povo portugues)" (1984) , "Babette´s feast", (1987).


The film weaves together the diverse clips, edited in such a way that the identities of its characters and participants are erased. It present us with an emotional tapestry of fictional and "real" human voices, all struggling to find spiritual meaning, while expressing their deepest needs, desires.

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