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Dreams and Trees

I am starting a new project, which assembles all the work I have been doing, over the last months. It is called Vibrant Matter, alchemical bodies of desire.

The project gathers my dreams, collages, journal entries, drawings and a series of films. It is inspired by Carl Jung book Psychology of Transference, and it is a study on the spiritualization of matter.

So, to celebrate I share here two dreams.

I always liked trees. And last night I dreamt of an old gigantic tree, with very light roots, on the surface. As I observed the roots, I thought to myself how they were not able to feed the tree properly. Then , the roots transformed into snakes. The scene changed and I dreamt of someone receiving a blood transfusing, and someone else saying that she needed renewed blood!

Tonight I dreamt of an old huge house. It was the old house of my family, and I had come back to my family, My whole family was there, there were lots of kids there, my parents, and myself as an adult. And I had just arrived. I was supposed to go up to the last floor, a very old last floor with high ceilings and wood floor. Everyone in the family was afraid saying there were ghosts living there, so I was supposed to go because I was the bravest, and I had to enter into all the rooms where the ghosts were. So I began climbing the stairs, I went up, but at a certain point I was afraid... I saw a yellow light coming from one of the rooms, but then, I was too frightened to enter in the room and so... I woke up.

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