Nostalgia  is a video-essay done with super 8 mm footage, postcards, photographs, aerogrammes transposed into minVD.


The video was chosen to participate in Manifesta 5 that happened in 2004 in San Sebastian. It is an hybrid video, in between a video-essay, a documentary and a fiction, that was the result of a long term research  with  archives of visual footage representing portuguese colonialism in Mozambique, as well as interviews done with Portuguese citizens that were born in Mozambique, and had moved back to Portugal after the independence of that ex portuguese colony. The result of the interviews was the basis for the script of the film. Via the recycling of super eight home movies, aerogrammes, photographs, postcards and telegrams,and using subtitles to narrate the story, this work recounts the story of a girl who marries and goes to Africa, along with her husband, a soldier, during the colonial war.


The narrator of the story is her younger brother, a sixteen year old adolescent who, shortly after her sister, will also move to Mozambique, where he will spend the most marvelous year of his life as he recalls it,  in Lourenço Marques (the capital of Mozambique). That boy describes to the audience, through the subtitles, a fascinated teenage view of a fantastic and “paradisiac” land, that sharply contrasts with the known other harsh realities of colonialism and war, that were happening at the same time in the same place. This video problematises colonialism, and post colonialism.