The drawing vulnerability of being human

Sputekik the Window, Oporto, August 2015,

The exhibition "The drawing vulnerability of being human" happened at art space Sputenik the window, Oporto. I transformed the gallery space into a 3 D scrapbook, assembling together two years of drawings, poems, collages and excerpts of my pictorial journal. Through the mixing of all these different elements, I tried to construct a spacial visual essay reflecting metaphysical enquiries and my attempt of finding a language that translates the experience of expansion of consciousness and how that experience impacts identity and daily life. 

vulberabilidade desenhada de ser 5
vulberabilidade desenhada de ser 4
vulberabilidade desenhada de ser 3
vulberabilidade desenhada de ser 2
A ship. Safe in a harbor. Safe in the grass._A playing card. A playing #ship. _A tumultuous and tend
The naturalistic embedded ecology of  being human