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When the soul draws: 
the tree, the home, the  river, the labyrinth

A 8 week Heart/Arts based workshop on ancient wisdom and drawing

Using drawing, this new workshop in 8 sessions,  explores the themes of the tree, home, river, labyrinth, as ways to explore participants' own stories, biographies, hopes, dreams enveloped by a cosmic and creative understanding of each one's soul life's journey. We work with each theme in 2 sessions, the first focuses on an ancient wisdom text exploring each topic, the second on the participants process and autobiography, expanding it to a wider perspective. The texts used, coming from the various wisdom traditions,  including the Iching, Tao Te Ching, the Upanishads, Esoteric Numerology, Rumi Poetry and others, always adapted to the topics of tree, home, river, labyrinth. 

Drawing through the soul perspective, provides healing, personal and spiritual development, and deeper contact with the soul. 


With the tree - we explore our ancestors, our family constellations and we expand into the large family of humankind. We will explore some excerpts from the Baghavad Gita and Kabbalah.


With the river - we explore the river of our lives until now… mapping its moments, its key points. We explore life as flow, constant stream, as described by texts such as Tao Te Ching and I Ching 


With the home  - we explore our I,  and the expanded notion of our I, our home as being planet Earth, a living being holding an anima mundi as described by Plato. We will use texts and systems based in Pythagorean esoteric numerology.

With the labyrinth - we explore the movement towards  finding the centre, always there, your soul connecting you to source to unity. We will explore texts from Rumi, Ibn Arabi and the Bhaghavad Gita.


The workshop will happen both in my studio and online on zoom.

Key dates

8 Saturdays: 21st January to 11th March 2023

from 10 AM to 13 PM (London time)


100 £ for the whole course

(concessions available, please email me if needed). 


About Maria Lusitano

I am Maria Lusitano, an artist and teacher. My unique line of work weaves western science, spirituality, heart-centred mystical practices and art. I concluded a Master in fine art at Malmo Art Academy and then a PhD at the University of Westminster in 2015. I also hold a degree in Medicine concluded in 1997 (Portugal, EU) and was a practising doctor for 10 years.  Since 2011 I engaged in a focused spiritual journey, and relentless quest for truth, working with Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen teachings, and exploring Sufism, both traditions working with dreams, leading to an intense spiritual awakening in 2016.

The spiritual awakening was just the beginning of a profoundly humbling experience, that led me towards more embodied heart centred meditative practices, by attending Helios Foundation and participating in their enlightenment intensive retreats.

I facilitated various arts-based workshops exploring the soul, on topics such as dreams, silence, drawing and soul, ancient wisdom texts, both in London and Portugal since 2015, in art museums (MAAT Lisbon) Artist-run spaces (Iklecktik, Nomadic School), Universities (Goldsmiths University) and in my studio.

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