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Queer Paper Gardens, Exhibition, Electricity Museum, Lisbon, 7 jun- 8 set 2013

Project done by artists Maria Lusitano and Paula Roush.

Installation with video, mixed media collage salon, publications, drawings and archive, 2012- 2013.

Workshop for Artists and Eucators


Queer Paper Gardens was a project done by Maria Lusitano and paula roush, resulting from a three year research onto the study of collage, gender and sexuality and the display of the unconscious.

The main subject of our work were two collage books: Valentine Penrose's book Dons des Féminines (1951) and Max Ernst’s roman collage Une Semaine de Bonté (1934).  Both works, done by these two famous surrealists during the first decades of the XXth century, explored the display of the unconscious by working with poetry and collage. We researched as well Victorian photocollage and Mary Delany's paper collages done during the XVIIIth century. 


The exhibition consisted of a multimedia installation with two video essays entitled Queer Paper Gardens and Exchanging Gifts in the Orient, a collage salon, a large wall drawing, various scrapbooks, and an artist book in five volumes.

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