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Living history

(Sept 2006)

installation done specifically to the White Pavillion-City Museum of Lisbon) with 66 photographs with text, plants, sound, 8 page A4 newspaper. There was also a performance the first day



An installation where a narrative is told, that combines fictional elements (based in true stories collected thorough a series of interviews) with elements of a historical nature. I used the  testimonies of normal people who were active eyewitnesses to important historical moments in the nations  where they were born, nations that share a Lusitanian heritage (Mozambique, India (Goa), East Timor, Angola),and constructed various plots, which take place in different decades, but which all intersect in a single meta-narrative. In each story, the historical events experienced by each individual (macro-history), combines with the small elements/events that link the participants, and we can see the impact that History made in their personal lives.

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