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Website of Visual Artist Maria Lusitano

Private Anatomies

Private Anatomies is a video-essay about childhood. About what we remember of it and what we repress. A vague feeling of unease runs through the film, an unease that is individual rather than historical. All the interviewees are men, and both the questions asked to them, as well as the answers they provide, lead us ultimately to the image of their mothers. They have great difficulty remembering their oldest memory images and ordering them to grasp the order of their own lives. On the right screen, an off camera voice (the artist herself) guides the interviewees, while at the same time conditioning them. The interviewees have various ages and the artist attempts to create links between the subjects and to find the images for the erased areas of their memories. Regardless of age, the project seeks to unveil the deep and fundamental affections of the individuals participating in it and place them in the context of the personal investigation that is been done by the artist herself. The piece’s discourse contains a kind of implicit puzzlement directed at the self-censorship that the past has generated in the interviewees. (Sofia Mason in catalogue: Moderna Museet 2010)

(HD video, 12 ‘, colour, sound, 2010)

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