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The Healing Colours, resulted from a commission from Ci.CLO art, to work with a community in a village in Portugal, Coriscada. The project was part of  Ci.CLO's Arts program Vivificar.

In Coriscada, I worked with a local group of women, and explored the local festivities, to reflect the sacred and universal dimension of the human experience and the experience of union.

During the residency, I developed a series of movement and voice workshops with a local group of women,  over a series of 6 weeks.

For the residency’s final exhibition and  opening, we developed a performance around a communal table, reinventing healing rituals.


The theme of  all the work developed was the strong local community’s connection with the sacred dimention of the human experience. Performance done with help and collaboration of Luisa Saraiva Junqueiro.


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