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Field (Of Interconnected Realities) 2011-2012

The project "A field (of interconnected realities)", began as a performative installation consisting of live drawing sessions re-enacting sections of Max Ernst's collage novel "Une semaine de bonté".

Paula Roush was live at queen elizabeth 2 square, in Auckland, New Zealand and Maria Lusitano was in Malmo, Sweden, collaborate through webcams in the development of an interconnected drawing inspired in Max Ernst's 1934 collage novel (roman) entitkled. 


The project originated a paper that was presented in ISEA, Istambul, 2011 and an installation and artist book, that was part of  BOOKLIVE! It happened Saturday 9 June 2012, 9 am - 19:30 pmLondon South Bank University Keyworth Centre and K2 Keyworth Street, London SE1 6NG (around the corner from Elephant & Castle tube station).

The project, which placed drawing into a disruptive new situation,  challeged the usual characteristics  atributed to this medium.  It addressed  the dream  fantasies of the past, placing them  into the  present  (through the mashing up of Max Ernst’s images  book with contemporary ones ), and revisited the various historical devices that have been commonly used to make drawings. The glitches, pixelisation and splitting of the images produced by the webcamstreaming device, introduced a new puzzling  time/space dimensionality to this experience and served as a trope/interface to the production of a contemporary dreaming space where  the new collages/ drawings revisit the collective  unconscious fears and fantasies of today.

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