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Dreaming on through and into the exotic, Exhibition, 198 Gallery, London 2013

Curated by: Maria Kheirkhah


Installation with 2 video-essays, mixed media collage salon, publications and archive, 2013


198 Contemporary Arts and Learning London, 4 April - 18 May 2013


Dreaming through –on & into the exotic is a mixed media collage salon, which explores travel and collage as interlinked cultural feminine practices in its relationship to contemporary art.


The project consists of multilayered visual essays and publications, which combine historical archive and speculative interpretations. 

Curated by: Maria Kheirkhah

Performance: Eunice Gonçalves Duarte


The video Exchanging gifts in the Orient has as its main subject the work of Valentine Penrose and her book Dons des Féminines (1951) as well as Max Ernst’s roman collage Une Semaine de Bonté (1934).

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