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Dreaming Economics, IKLECTIK ART LAB

Dream Economics is an ongoing research project that aims to investigate, through artistic research, and mainly through the medium of video, the emergent field of New Economics.


New Economics is an umbrella term that loosely assembles together a set of alternative economic practices that share common values such as collaboration, interconnectedness, and reverence for life. Even though on the fringes, those alternatives exist already and are gaining momentum. 


Dream Economics aims to creatively map those alternatives.


The project produced:


  • An exhibition of works by contemporary artists dealing with new economies 

  • A series of creative events open to artists and the public in general exploring the field of new economies through workshops of dreams and economics, debates relational filmmaking, visualization cardboards, games

  • A series of interviews with practitioners/theoreticians working with the field of new economies

  • A website with an archive of the videos material gathered, a reading list of texts addressing new economies and its relation to art, and a forum promoting an online debate.

  • The project will ultimately lead to a participatory video-essay.

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