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Installation, artist book, performance, Sputekik the Window, Oporto (2011) and P74, Slovenia (2011)


Project CLASSOP got its name from the abbreviated portuguese term classop, which means“classe operária” – “the working class'.The project resulted from a collaboration between artists Paula Roush and Maria Lusitano, that for one month made a residency at the private library of Lusitano dos Santos, an urban planner and the father of artist Maria Lusitano. Lusitano's personal library was assembled during the sixties and seventies, right after the Portuguese Revolution of 1974.


The artists explored and used the library's archive of texts and images from the 60s and 70s (mainly concerning architecture, urbanism, politics and education ) that documented historical moments such as the antifascist movement, the 1968 student demonstrations, the Portuguese “Carnation Revolution” of 1974, Marxist political texts, literature novels, weaving a selection of those elements to construct a visual project that addressed the the role of master narratives in the construction of personal identities.


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