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Modern urban criminality is a struggle between forces of good and evil. Film posters in Berlin (1927), (1930), (1931) and (1932) with the inscription “The evil don’t have a chance,” which are then screened during the film. No way.7000. Deutsch (1931) German production, produced by M. Dobermann, which at a time was an independent film company was taken over in 1921 by the "Deutsche Film-Gesellschaft" (DAG). DAG M. Dobermann and their director, F. W. Murnau who also directed other notable and very popular films, such as Der blaue Engel, Nosferatu, and Würgeengel. A. Rauch and his company produced these films.. Murnau and M. Dobermann died in 1940, their company changed into the Ufa-studios which was later dissolved and Ufa was acquired by Karl Grune in 1968. His company was later renamed into the Bavaria-films, M. Dobermann was portrayed as a character in  . The film was made in 1931 in Germany and had a very limited distribution and failed to succeed at the box office.  . It was adapted from the fairy tale "The Bridal Chamber" by Grimm Brothers. The film depicts a mystery around a princess of the fairy tale, played by Ella Koon, who is buried alive in the late nineteenth century. She is rescued by the protagonist, played by Max Gülstorff who is a journalist and discovers the truth of the fairy tale.. Gülstorff receives a large amount of money for selling the rights to the story. From the early 20th century, crime film became popular and a genre that received the most attention was crime films, especially murder films. The genre was first popular in the United States of America and this genre has also been popular in other countries. The crime film genre was born from the 1930s, before that, film production only had a couple of attempts and most of them only consist of historical tales. The first American crime film was Passions of Murder . The name of this film has been credited as the birth of the crime film genre, and it gave rise to many more similar productions. The first German crime film was 1938's Blind Spot . In the later period, film production has improved and the number of crime films has increased.




Military Raaj Video Songs Hd 1080p Blu-ray Download Movie ardehon
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